Augusta National

Now available for Links 2003, the course re-created in all it's glory, is a pleasure to look at but a monster to play. The apcd version of Augusta National, played with the 1.07 patch at the appropriate settings, captures the real-life difficulty and challenge of North America’s most famous course. The 1.07 patch was designed specifically to re-create the dynamics of play at Augusta National. Set playing conditions at moderate firmness and fast speed. The wind is one of your playing partners on Augusta, so make sure your settings are set for at least “breezy”. Remember that Augusta National is no “grip it and rip it”, “just aim for the pin” kind of course. Not in real life and not in its PC incarnation either. Those greens are undulating, contoured, mounded, and fast. They’re bent grass, cut down to an eighth of an inch for the Masters. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sharing with Sam Snead or Seve Ballesteros the sight of one of your chips or putts making a u-turn 40 feet away and coming back to your feet. This, after all, is Augusta!

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