Autumn Valley

Autumn Valley was my second course that was released way back in September 2001. It was designed using the 1.1 version of the APCD. So there are no goodies like texture blending. At the time of release the 2001 version of Links did not have object shadows either, making for rather lifeless looking courses. At the time I started on the design there was a distinct lack of Autumn based designs, and with shadows not being present, I thought it would be a good idea to have the planting set to and Autumn feel to give a bit of colour. The texture set created was to reflect this time of year with a rather burnt (after a long summer) appearance. I am still reasonably happy with the layout of the front nine. It offers the feeling that it could actually exist somewhere in the world. But the back nine, I am not happy with at all. I can’t remember names, but I remember someone describing the course as Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde. I would tend to agree. As with Kylane, I would love to revisit with the newer APCD 1.5 and give it a huge makeover. I had started redesigning a few holes on the back, but soon realized a huge redesign would be needed. So at this time it has been put on the back burner awaiting some inspiration.