Kylane Country Club

Kylane Country Club was my first ever design with the Arnold Palmer Course Designer (APCD). It was received very well when it was first released, but is now very much showing its age. It was not much more than a test course, as I was still learning how to use the very powerful APCD. There are still a few very interesting hole designs, but the overall look of the course will be very dated. I would very much like to return to it and give it a much needed make over to the current 2K3 specs, but only time will tell. At the time I designed this course, Banff Springs was my favourite real life design, so there will be a little bit of Canada in the course. I still shake my head at some of the hole designs, what was I thinking. But I still get a kick out of playing it and hope that you do too. My signature seems to be in the planting (vegetation) on my courses. There is one small thing that I do to all of them, when it’s a fictional design, and that is to have the course name spelt out amongst some bushes or flowers on the course somewhere. At Kylane, it is at the very front of the clubhouse, in a flower bed behind the 9th and 18th greens. So grab your clubs, and head out for some fresh mountain air.