Crooked Creek

Crooked Creek is now available with HD textures. Crooked Creek started out as a sister course for Tall Pines Estate. The grand plan at that stage was to build a few courses that where all in a similar location ala Pinehurst. I had the first two holes in and elevated in the same style as Tall Pines. I was just about to start on the third hole and I was waiting for the file to save, when I thought I would do some surfing on the net to get some ideas for the course. Then it happened…………. I came across a photo of the 13th hole at Brookwater Golf Course in Queensland, Australia. I fell instantly in love with this design. It was almost a cross between Tall Pines and in some ways, a Melbourne sandbelt course. I truly am inspired by most of the designs on the sandbelt, but I still hold a special place for Pine planted courses. So I had a new style in mind for Crooked Creek, and I hope you can see the similarities in the designs, while not being a direct copy. Using Links 2003 (version 1.07), I recommend turning up the wind and setting up for hard and fast greens. The greens will then run they way I intended. On some of the greens you will need to be on the correct tier or face the possibility of a three or four putt. With this in mind, you will need to start planning your route on the Tee. It is very important to know where the pin is on some greens, so that you can leave your drive in the correct spot, to setup for the best angle into the green. There are a few pins that you will just not be able to go after, over time you will learn which of these to leave alone. Purchase Crooked Creek HD for $6.99 (USD) at You can also download the 1.07 update from this location as well.

Crooked Creek Hole 2 Crooked Creek Hole 4 Crooked Creek Hole 5 Crooked Creek Hole 7 Crooked Creek Hole 8 Crooked Creek Hole 10 Crooked Creek Hole 11 Crooked Creek Hole 15 Crooked Creek Hole 17 Crooked Creek Hole 18